Answer choose the correct option

Answer choose the correct option A. type questions L the correct option. W•te-' 'he sector used mate nat (b) a solvent 2. •n India. water predominant in North Eastern States Pradesh Tama Nadu (d] desert Wheh one of these is responsible the depletion o' the Agncu/tural activities (d) of these Whet' one of the following can be used for the conservation Rainwater harvesting Agricultural activities 5 "*e.• Cost dunng floods can be conserved b' dams (c) ernunkment:s (b) reservoirs Yanks with the correct words- I three states of waterxre Z C — (100/0) •C, crcut.tion of water in nature caned _

Dear Student,
1. (d) all of these
2. (d) Thar desert
3. (d) all of these
4. (a) Rainwater harvesting
5. (d) all of these

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Can anyone answer my questions
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1 : d
2 : d
3 : d
4 : a
5 : ?
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