Answer it as fast as possible..Q 29

Answer it as fast as possible..Q 29 26. Every month Arnia saves some money from her pocket money She has a bank account with a bank. She deposits her savings in the account every Onc she withdraw 2000 from her account. cashier gave her SO and 100 notes only (i) If Arnia got 2S notes in all. find how many of Kind d.d she get DO you think saving money is a The altitude Of a right triangle is 7 its if find the other two sides. 28. prove that both the roots of the equauon - b) • a) — O are real. but they are equal only when — b — 729. If pth tern Of an AP is equal to q and qth term p. mh term i. (p q - nv 30. If the sun Of first 7 terms Of an AP is 49 that or 17 2S9. of its fir-st 3


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