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Subhash Colony,

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The editor,
The Hindustan Times,
Haryana, 110XXX 



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  • Through the esteemed columns of your daily newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the increasing stress among the young generation.
  • The main causes of stress are :
    • Prolonged illness
    • Lack of leisure
    • Repeated failure
    • Discrimination
    • Financial insecurity
  • Stress can be managed in the following manner:-
    • Identifying the cause of stress
    • Find reasons to be happy
    • Seek the help of a psychologist
    • Open up about your problems to your loved ones
  • It is requested that the concerned authorities take immediate and necessary action to generate awareness among the young generation.

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The editor

Times of India



Through the columns of ur esteemed newspaper I would like to draw the attention of parents ,teachers and u about the increasing stress level among younger generation.

In the present scenario the increasing stress level among younger generation is very high. There are many reasons for the stress like failure in exams, unable to perform as per the expectations of parents, not able to meet the deadlines etc. the youth is not able to overcome their stress and if they try , they are going on negative ways to overcome stress like taking drugs , drinking alcohol and many more and this makes them sick and drowsiness occurs.

I would like to give some ideas that can be adopted to overcome stress like they should do their work on time, be punctual, they should set goals and stay focused to reach it. They should adopt healthy habits like sports , doing meditation , exercise ,by taking healthy and nutritious diet and lead a simple life .

Yours truly

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