Answer the questions according to the given diagram.  And give reason to your answer.

(a)  Solution of which chamber has a lower potential ?

(b)  Solution of which chamber has a lower solute potential ?

(c)  In which direction will osmosis occur ?

(d)  which solution has a higher solute potential ?

(e)  At equilibrium which chamber will have lower water potential ?

(f)   If one chamber has a ψ of -2000 kpa, and the other -1000 kpa. Which is the chamber that the higher ψ   ?

Dear student, 

Ans(a) Chamber B has lower water potential.
Ans(b)  Chamber A has lower solute potential​.
Ans (c) Osmosis will occur from chamber A to B, because osmosis occurs in the direction of higher water potential to lower potential.
Ans (d) Chamber B has higher solute potential​
​Ans (e) At equilibrium, both the chambers will have have same water potential.
Ans (f) chamber with -2000kPa water potential is higher than than having -1000kPa water potential.



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