any 3 differences between endemic and exotic species

ndemic species are indigenous, that is they are native to the environment where they are found. 
Exotic species are those that have been introduced.

For instance, the nutria are endemic to regions of South America, but exotic to the Florida Everglades where they were introduced after being set free by fur farmers who found they could not make a living raising them.
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Endemic - is taking indigenous a step further (or closer actually) These are plants that would naturally be found in a relatively small region. The advantages of using plants that are endemic to your area is that they would grow best in your conditions, provide food for all kinds of creatures, and help maintain genetic diversity.

Exotics, are those plants that have been brought in from other places around the world, and very often require a lot of resources to keep them happy.
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Endemic species are a subset of native or indigenous species. ... Exotic or Introduced: A biological taxon (genus, species, subspecies, etc.) that is not native or indigenous to a particular area or region and that has been accidentally or deliberately introduced into the area.
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Edemic species are plants and animals that exist only in one geographic region. Species can be endemic to large or small areas of the earth: some are endemic to a particular continent, some to part of a continent, and others to a single island.
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Difference between endemic and excotic plants
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