any tribal group living in india today .find about their customs , way of life and how their lives have changed in the last 50 years

Tribes constitute about 14 % of the Indian population and one of these is the Lambanis tribe that lead a gypsy life. Women of Lambanis tribes wear embroidered and decorated clothes along with heavy jewellery made with mirrors, coins and bone. Men wear turban a traditional headgear and dress with tight breeches. As the Lambanis tribes keep moving from place to place their lives have changed. Traditionally the Lambanis people traded items and various commodities from one place to the other and now the tribe earns their living by selling clothes and handmade embroidered clothes, articles and jewellery in local markets and tourist spots.

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jarawas living in andaman

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gonds are the largest tribal group in india which was established in the bramhaputra regions

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