Astrologers' perceptions are based more on hearsay and conjecture than what they learn from the study of the stars. Comment with reference to the story.

Some say that astrology is a science, others say it is a sham. It is true that all the calculations done in astrology are based on the movement of various celestial bodies in our solar system. However, there are claims that all that the astrologers predict is based on hearsay and is general to all. There have been claims that there are these rare astrologers who are know for their accurate predictions. There have been famous astrologers, like Linda Goodman, who have been known and appreciated for their astrological knowledge. Many people are staunch believers of this study. Late President Roosevelt, of United States of America, consulted astrologers to calculate the auspicious moment to swear in as President of USA.

In the story, Shyama went to the astrologer and told him what was on his head about a possible alliance between Ranga and Ratna. Later when he returned to the Shastri and asked him to predict what the planets told about Ranga, he told what he was actually told by Shyama and said that Ranga was cotemplating marrying a girl whose name's innitial is 'R', which was Ratna. Thus, it is difficult to say whether astrologers' predictions are based on mere hearsay or are actually what they learn from the movements of stars.

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