bada hua toh kya hua , jaise ped khajur ,
panchi ko chaya nhi ghar lage ati door.
which ras?

Hasya ras..
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Shaant ras as the sthayi bav of shaant ras is nirved which means 'glani'. And if we translate this poem to English we get the poem like, In vain is the eminence, just like a date tree. No shade for travellers , fruit is hard to reach.
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Shant ras... I also get confused with this ras after doing so many examples i have seen that 👇 In shant ras wxamples generally thwy try to give u a life lesson.😊 Like in above example i cant understand the precise moral i get an idea that they are giving a lesson ..all ras do not fit into this defination ..we are left with shant And therfore it is shant ras
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Shant ras is in the following lines
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Shaant ras because they are trying to teach a lesson and almost all examples of shaant ras are moral based.
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shaant ras
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Sant ras hoga kyoki kabeer ke dohe want ras aur bhakti Ras ke the aur isme nirved ya phir glani prakat ho rahi hai isliye sant ras hai
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