Burning of candle involves both physical and chemical changes. Explain.

Candle is made up of a solid block of wax with a wick embedded in it.

1) Physical Change

When candle is lit, the heat of the flame melts the solid wax to liquid wax. This signifies a physical change from solid state to liquid state. Also, as the wax melts, the size of the candle decreases. It then solidifies and takes a different shape.

2) Chemical Change

The wax acts as a fuel when we light the candle and is basically carbon. The carbon combines with oxygen to form another chemical substance, carbon dioxide and water. Also the unburnt carbon is deposited as black substance called soot. This signifies a chemical change.

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Burning of candle: Physical change-

Canle is made up of wax. So before burning, the wax melts so it is a physical change as the physical properties of the wax only change not the chemical properties. Thus it involves a physical change.

Burning of candle: Chemical change-

After melting when we continue heating the the wax of the candle thn it burns and we get ash or carbon. The chemical properties of of the wax change and therefore it is a chemical change.

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