By selling 144 hens, Mala lost the S. P. of 6 hens. Find her loss%.

Let C.P be the cost price of a hen and let S.P be the selling price of a hen.

Therefore the cost price of 144 hens is 144C.P. and selling price of 144 hens is 144S.P.

Thus, Loss = 144(C.P)-144(S.P)

But loss is given as selling price of 6 hens, that is, 6(S.P)


6S.P = 144(C.P)-144(S.P)

150S.P= 144C.P

C.P./S.P = 144/150

C.P./S.P = 0.96

Loss percentage = (Loss/C.P)*100

Loss percentage = [(C.P-S.P)/C.P]*100

Loss percentage = [1-(S.P/C.P)]*100


Loss percentage = [1-0.96]*100

Loss percentage = 4%

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