calculate the amount of KCL which must be added to 1Kg of water so that the freezing point is depressed by 2K.(Kf for water =1.86 K Kg/mol)?

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We know that depression in freezing point,

ΔTf = Kf x m

Where m = molality i.e no. of moles of solute dissolved in per Kg solvent.

Here ,m = ΔTf /Kf =  2/1.86 = 1.07 

We know that molality of KCl (m) = no. of moles of KCl /solvent in Kg.

So, for 1 Kg of water, no . of moles of KCl = 1.07 x 1= 1.07 moles.

Hence, 1.07 moles of KCl is dissolved in the solution.

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 acc to question, we have to find the mass of solute added in solvent.

therefore by formulae  ΔTf = Kf * Molarity

we are given  ΔTf = 2Kelvin And Kf as well 

Put Values in formulae and u will get ur answer


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Sorry , By mistake i Changed Molality INTO MOLARITY......SOrry for inconvenience And formulae for Molality Is 

[Weight of solute Wb 

----------------------------                                       X   1000

Molar Mass of solute * weight of solvent

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 thanks for help Sachin.

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