can a reaction have zero activation energy? nd why?

no activation energy of a reaction cannot be zero...because in that case every collison among reactant molecules will be effective collison...however this is not activation energy of reactants cannot be zero

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For explosive reaction ,the value of Ea is zero

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Spontaneous reactions have 0 Ea
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Negative activation energy. In some cases, rates o freaction decrease with increasing temperature. When following an approximately exponential relationship so the rate constant can still be fit to an Arrhenius expression, this results in a negative value of Ea.  
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Question ans of this chapter
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yes .....,exception is Physisorption
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what is the threshold energy for reaction
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sab sahi hain
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Activation Energy in general case can't be 0 as it implies there is no energy difference between reactant and activated complex. So reaction will take place always
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