Can anyone can tell what is the exact definition of Ferrel's law and it's properties and uses

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Ferrel’s Law is the rule that states that water which moves horizontally in the Northern Hemisphere is pushed to the right of its line of motion when air or water travelling horizontally in the Southern Hemisphere is deflected left of its line of motion.
Properties and uses of Ferrel's law:
• This force is responsible for deflecting winds towards right in Northern hemisphere and towards left in Southern hemisphere
• The pressure and wind conditions of India are unique
• During winter, there is high pressure area in North of Himalayas
• Cold dry winds blow from this region to low pressure zone on oceans in South
• In summer, low pressure area develops over interior of Asia and also in North West India
• Thus it causes a reversal of wind system in summer
• Air moves from high pressure area over South Indian ocean and crosses the Equator
• These winds bring South west monsoon winds which blow over the warm oceans.
• Since due to Ferrels' law wind deflect towards right in northern hemisphere it helps monsoon wind to reach India.

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