1. Can the direction of velocity change while experiencing a constant acceleration?
  2. Can a body having zero velocity still be accelerating?
  3. A body is projected vertically upwards with a velocity of 20 m/s. Find the distance travelled by it in 3s. Taking g=1om/s2

1-Yes ,the direction of velocity can change while experiencing a constant acceleration. Like, in uniform circular motion there is a change in direction of the velocity and acceleration is constant in this case.

2-Yes, that is certainly possible. If we throw a ball in the air,then at its highest point the velocity is zero but it is still accelerating downwards due to gravity.


Given that:

u = 20 ms-1  ,g= 10 ms-2  and t= 3 sec

Using equation of motion

s = ut + ½ at2

s= 20×3 – ½×10×32

= 60 – 45= 15 m

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 Yes. The direction of velocity can change while experiencing constant accelaration because mo

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 Because both are vector quantities.

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 3. Taking upwards as the positive y axis we get g= -10. At the highest point velocity will become zero.therefore using v^2 - u^2 = 2as... Substitute the values of u as 20 and g as -10... You will get the answer as 20 metres.

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