can the process of rusting be called combustion need answer with explanation and if possible give some examples but explation is important

are yaar my teacher doesnt know the answer to this question

Rusting and combustion are two very different processes that cannot be compared. Rusting is the corrosion of iron metal. It is defined as the slow decay of iron metal in the presence of air and moisture where materials made of iron are deteriorated and a brown substance called rust is deposited on their surface. This process produces no heat and no light. Also, it is a very slow process. 

Combustion on the other hand is the process in which a substance combines with oxygen to produce heat. Combustion is an exothermic process i.e., the process is accompanied with the evolution of heat. The release of heat may or may not result in the production of light. Thus, two important things required for the process of combustion to take place are a fuel (combustible substance) and supporter of combustion (oxygen). Unlike rusting, this is not a slow process. 

The only similarity between the two processes is the presence of oxygen for the oxidation of the substance. Apart from that there is no particular similarity.

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Yes,  to some extent, the process of rusting can  called slow combustion .The Rusting of iron is a oxidation process. In this iron using oxygen and water, gets oxidized and is rusted out.It is a slow process which does produce heat at a very slow rate. The combustion process is also a oxidation process and  a chemical reaction by which fuel and an oxidizer react and produce  heat or light. Combustion needs  heat, an oxidizer, and fuel. Combustion is much faster than rusting.

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