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Preposition= pre+position= positioning before
Clearly, a preposition positions itself before some other part of speech. Observe the following phrases:
-  Above my bed;
-  After the dog;
-  Flew against the sill;
-  Around the fire;
-  Below the bridge etc.
Each phrase has a word in bold type. It occupies a place before a noun/pronoun. If these phrases are completed into sentences, the bold words will relate their nouns/pronouns inside the sentences; as–
-  There is a lamp above my head;
-  The cat ran after the dog;
-  The bird flew against the sill;
-  They all sat around the fire;
-  The river flows below the bridge etc.
In each of the sentences, the preposition is printed in bold type. It governs the relation of the noun that follows it with another noun that preceds it. So, we can define a preposition as under:
A preposition is a word used before a noun/pronoun to show its relation with some other noun/pronoun in the same sentence.
Preposition of place, distance or movement can be explained with the following list of examples:
-  Within the house;
-  Travelled towards London;
-  Tour round the world;
-  Lay under the table;
-  At Dad’s door;
-  Plies between Nagpur and Delhi;
-  Stood before him;
-  Over the sea, etc.
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 Prepositions of Direction or Movement

The wizard jumped across the wide river with the help of his magic shoes.

There is a little problem with the bridge across the river.

The gardener broke his slippers running after the children.

In the torchlight, I saw my grandfather coming along the muddy path.

The children ran along the road to greet their cousins.

Ghosh was shouting at Mithun for throwing away his wicket after getting a start.

The journalist threw the shoe at the minister.

All these pilgrims are heading for Sabarimala.

The puppy ran into the kitchen in pursuit of a rat.

Champu jumped into the river on seeing Sheru.


The detective threw his gloves onto the table.

The monkey climbed onto the branch on seeing the crocodile.

Billu and Pinky are going to their Mamaji’s house tomorrow.

Latika is moving toward a bright future.




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Hope this helps!
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