can u tell me the different types of kriya in detail with example

मित्र आपको हिन्दी व्याकरण के भाग क्रिया में सारी जानकारी प्राप्त हो जाएगी। कृपया वहाँ जाकर देखें।

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Kriya (Verb)

The verb, specifically the action verb, is known as kriya (क्रिया) in the Hindi language. For example:

  • khata hai (खाता है) - eats
  • peeta hai (पीता है) - drinks
  • jata hai (जाता है) - goes
  • khel ( खेल ) - play

Note that the verbs given in the example are for singular masculine subjects. For feminine gender and singular number, the verbs are conjugated as khati hai (खाती है), peeti hai (पीती है), and jati hai (जाती है). The plurals of the verbs for both the genders are khate hai (खाते है), jate hai (जाते है), and peete hai (पीते है).

The following sentences contain examples of kriya (verbs):

  • Rajesh aam bahut khata hai. (राजेश आम बहुत खाता है) Rajesh eats a lot of mangoes.
  • Sameer har din school jata hai. (समीर हर दिन स्कूल जाता है) Sameer goes to school everyday.

Kriya Vesheshan (Adverb)

Kriya vesheshan (क्रिया विशेक्षण) in Hindi does the same work as that is done by adverbs in English. These words give additional information about the verb, adjectives, and other adverbs in a sentence. For example:

  • dheere (धीरे) - slowly
  • jaldi (जल्दी) - fast

The following sentences contain examples of kriya vesheshan (adverbs):

  • Sunita dheere chalti hai. (सुनीता धीरे चलती है) - Sunita walks slowly.
  • Bache jaldi kaam khatm karne ki koshish kar rahe the. (बच्चे जल्दी काम ख्त्म करने की कोशिश कर रहे थे) The children were trying to finish their work fast.

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mujhe akarmak sakarmak sayut kriya bhatade plz

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Sakarmak Kriya (Transitive Verb) - These cause direct effect on another person/object. These are of two types-

  1. Preranarthak Kriya (Causative Verb)
  2. Dwikarmak Kriya (Verbs with two objects)

Akarmak Kriya (Intransitive Verb) - Have no effect on others  !!

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can u define this by giving an example of each plzzzzzzz

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i dun noe ......... i am a arabic student !! Kuch zyada hindi nhi pata ................ i had left in 2 yrs ago  !!

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example of akarmak kriya :- rajesh kha raha hai (in this type of kriya u will not know that what is he eating or how is he eating )

example of sakarmak kriya:- rajesh dheere dheere khana kha raha hai(in this type of kriya u will know that what is he eating or how is he eating )

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Aakarmak kriya me kriya ka koi object nhi hota.EG: ram padhta hai

Sakarmak kriya me kriya ka object hota hai .EG: ram hindi ki pustak padhta hai

prennarthak kriya me dusre se kaam krwaya jata hai. EG: ram ne sita se kaam krwaya


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