Can you explain any five challenges and problems faced by Indian Democracy?

The five major challenges that are being faced by Indian democracy are :-

1.Poverty and Illiteracy:- We can say that poverty is the greatest curse for democracy because for a hungry person right to vote doesn't have that much of significance as that of food.And level of education of a person is key to his personal and socio-economic growth,it is also very important for smooth functioning of democracy.
2.Religious fundamentalism, casteism :- These factors including communalism are very dangerous for our social fabric. They disturb the pattern of social co-existence and harmony of our diverse society.
3.Gender inequality:-  Discrimination against female class is very visible in our society. It was understood as  one of the basic principal for democracy as constitution provided for equality in every sphere of life . By ​ sex ratio, child sex ratio and maternal mortality rate, we can see this inequality.
4.Corruption:- ​ India was ranked 95th of 183 countries defined as corrupt in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI).​The  nexus between the politicians, the bureaucrats and the industrialists which has resulted into corruption is harmful for democracy to sustain.
5.Criminalisation of poltics:- This is also a major concern as ​some elements in politics  indulge in violence and take part  in other unhealthy, undemocratic methods to win elections.

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