can you give some meanings of -  apparently, abandoned, tottered, affirmed, resembles, emits, flippers, emerges, escorts, drowning,tossed

Word meanings of the given words are:

  • Apparently: It is an adverb of the word 'apparent' which means readily seen, exposed to sight, open to view, visible.

  • Abandon: to leave completely and finally.

  • Tottered: to walk or go with faltering steps, as if from extreme weakness.

  • Affirm: to state or assert positively; maintain as true.

  • Resemble: to be like or similar to.

  • Emit: to send forth or discharge

  • Flippers: a broad, flat limb especially adapted for swimming, as of a seal or whale.

  • Emerge: to come forth into view or notice, as from concealment or obscurity.

  • Escort: a group of persons, or a single person, accompanying another or others for protection, guidance, or courtesy.

  • Drowning: to die under water or other liquid of suffocation.

  • Toss: to throw, pitch, or fling, especially to throw lightly or carelessly.

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