can you please explain me the disorder of thyroid gland (myxoedema)

When there is lack of TSH (thyroid stimulating  production by anterior pituitary, iodine deficiency in the diet or failure of enzyme systems involved in thyroxine production may result in hypothyroidism. If there is a deficiency of thyroxine at birth this will lead to poor growth and mental retardation, a condition known as cretinism. If the condition is diagnosed at an early stage thyroxine can be given to restore normal growth and development. Thyroxine deficiency in later life gives rise to a condition known as myxoedema and the symptoms are a reduction in metabolic rate and accompanied by decreased oxygen consumption, ventilation heart rate and body temperature. Mental activity and movement becomes slower and weight increases due to the formation and storage of a semi-fluid material under the skin. This causes the face and the eyelids to become puffy, the tongue swells, the skin becomes rough and hair is lost from the scalp and eyebrows. All of these symptoms can be eliminated and the condition treated by taking thyroxine tablets.

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hey @neeraj:

myxoedema is the disease caused due to underactivity of thyroid gland what we call to be Hypothyroidism!(i.e underactivity of thyroid gland)

it's signs are puffy eyes,puffy face and mental sluggishness.

hope it helps!

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 hi!!!!!   Neeraj , heres the ans. to  ur ques.  It  developes due to thyroid hormone  deficiency in adults.

less basic metabolic rate of body  therefore  less heat production

body temp. down

person will be lazy & lethargic  therefore more deposition of fats in body

skin appears fluffy.  

Hope this will help u .

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Thyroid Gland Disorders...

The thyroid gland is located in the front of the neck. It produces thyroid hormone, which controls the speed at which the body's chemical functions proceed (metabolic rate).

Some problems that affect the thyroid gland may also cause the gland to enlarge--a condition called goiter. A goiter may exist if the thyroid gland is underactive (producing too little thyroid hormone) or overactive (producing too much). An An enlarged thyroid gland that is present at birth is called congenital goiter. Some children have Pendred's syndrome, a hereditary condition that combines deaf-mutism and congenital goiter.

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hey sorry... i saw only the word thyoid gland... i dint notie the word myxoedema... this is your answer.. :)


Pretibial myxoedema affects 5% of patients with Grave's disease. It may appear before, during or after the thyrotoxic state and is sometimes associated with an underactive thyroid. Pretibial myxoedema presents with a swollen and lumpy appearance over the shins and sometimes also affects the feet. The skin may be discoloured pink or purple, with prominent hair follicles. This is known as ‘peau d'orange’ (orange-peel) appearance. It may instead look warty or ‘verrucous’.

Pretibial myxoedema is a form of diffuse mucinosis. The thickened and inelastic skin is filled with excessive hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulphate. These are acid mucopolysacharides (glycosaminoglycans).

The same material is deposited behind the eyes resulting in protrusion and lid lag on movement of the eyeballs.

Pretibial myxoedema is thought to be caused by thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulin (autoantibodies) but this is not proven.

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