Can you tell of any system in our body where pressure is built up?

many plases

e.g. in pct (nephron) in lungs and mainly in heart....

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Respiratory system , excretory system are some of the systems in our body where pressure is built up

Hope it may help
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Urinary bladder of the excretory system
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In pct (nephrons) in lungs
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Respiratory system....
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respiratory system
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Circulatory system
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When heart pumps the blood the more nd more pressure is built up according to me...
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presure build up in respirstory cavity
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Our somatic nervous system gives signal to our skeletal muscle to contract. These muscles have the ability to contract. When our muscles contract (generates pressureto lift/push any object, it uses energy in form of ATP ( Adenosine tri phosphate). So answer to your simple question: Pressure is build up in muscles..
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