Change each sentence to indirect form of speech:

1. The labourer said, "I do not work on Sundays."
2. Sita said to Rama, "I shall accompany you."
3. The boys shouted, "We have won the match.
4. The patient said, "I have been down with fever for a week
5"I 'll help you, O King, some day," said the mouse to the lion
6. The teacher said, "Your answer does not deserve more marks."
7. The mother said, "Always speak the truth, my son."
8. The teacher said to Mohan, "I shall take you to the principal, you misbehave."
9. The citizens said to the king, "It is your duty to protect us."
10. The child said, "I am very hungry, mother."
11. The teacher said, "The sun looks rising in the east."

Dear Student.
  1. The labourer said that he did not work on Sundays.
  2. Sita told Rama that she should accompany him.
  3. The boys shouted that they had won the match.
  4. The patient said that he had been down with fever for a week.
  5. The mouse addressed the lion as king and told that he would help him some day.
  6. The teacher said that his answer didn't deserve more marks.
  7. The mother told her son to always speak the truth.
  8. The teacher told Mohan that she should take him to the principal. (Kindly check the last part of the question)
  9. The citizens told the king that it was his duty to protect them.
  10. The child told his mother that he was very hungry.
  11. The teacher said that the sun is rising in the east.
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