Change the following from direct to indirect speech.
1. "What an excellent auggestion you gave!" Said jimmy to me.
2. "How gracious of you to have remembered my birthday!" said pooja to her uncle.
3. "Oh god, what a traffic jam we have been caught in! I am sure to miss the train," Said anshuman.
4. "How beautiful these painting are!" said rajan. " I wonder who has painted them."
5. "Welcome to sonals birthday party said sonals mother to her friends. " I hope you will enjoy yourselves."
6. "May god save ne from sin!:I prayed

Dear Student,
Given below are the answers to your questions.
  1. Jimmy exclaimed what excellent suggestion I had given.
  2. Pooja told her uncle that it was gracious of him to have remembered her birthday.
  3. Anshuman exclaimed what a traffic jam they had been caught in and added that she was sure to miss the train.
  4. Rajan affirmed how beautiful those paintings were and wondered who painted them.
  5. Sonal's mother welcomed her friends to Sonal's birthday party and said that she hoped they would enjoy themselves.
  6. I prayed that God would save me from sin.
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