CHAPTER:THE little girl [class9 beehive]{answer in 100 to 150 words}
how did the little girl start understanding her father

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Kezia, the little girl had a terrible fear for her father. She would stutter when he was around her at the home. In fact, his presence would frighten Kezia. She had an assumption that her father is not sensible, cruel and a hard-hearted person.
When Kezia's mother fell sick and was admitted in the hospital, she had to stay alone at the home with the nurse. She slept alone in her room and was very much afraid of the dark. One night she had a nightmare of a botcher with a knife. She screamed out of fear. Having heard her cry, Kezia's father ran into her room. He hugged and comforted her. Then he took her in his arms and carried to his room. He tried to put Kezia back to sleep with him. As he was tired, he slept before Kezia did. At that moment she thought that her father is not as bad a person as she thought. She realized that her father works very hard for the family, and is too tired to play with her in the evening. She understood that her father is kind and soft-hearted but is too busy to express his love and affection to her.

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