character sketch of ranga and ratna

character of ranga:

ranga was the son of village accountant shyama .Who narrated this story that happened in 10 year ago.So shyma send his son to banglore for study.ranga had aticacte this shows from nature by when he came.he still wore "janewara".this means ranga is well humbled person.

on other hand Ratna was 11 year old beautiful girl .she knoewn to play harmonium and veena.

so it was your answer hope you like it .I am giving you a adivicethat also learn your books fou your improveness.

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Pranav Gupta's answer is actually WRONG. Ranga was not Shyama's son. He was the village accountant's son(Shyama was not the village accountant)

Ranga is the son of the village accountant who has been to bangalore to persue his higher studies. In those days, this was not a normal thing. He was a very humble and down-to-earth man. His ideas about marriage was initially changed when he came back to the village, but because of his love with Ratna he again changed his mindset.

ratna was a sweet girland she was eleven years old. she was from a big city. she knew how to play veena and harmonium.she sang very sweetly .she was beautiful and had innocence on her face. she was quite sensitive to the surroundings as whwn stranger ranga came she stopped singing and when the writer and ranga talked about her she went inside.

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