Character sketch of zitkala- sa and Bama from chapter memories of childhood

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Zitkala-Sa's real name was Gertrude Simmons. She was an American Indian woman born in the late nineteenth century. She was a native American woman who struggled and triumphed in a time when severe prejudice prevailed towards native American culture and women. Her works criticised dogma, and her life as a native American woman was dedicated against the evils of oppression.  

Bama was a girl subjected to caste discrimination and untouchability. She was shunned for her caste. Bama's brother had told her, how she was born into a community that was an outcast. These words made a very deep impression on her, and she studied hard, thus coming first in class. 

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Zitkala Sa is a girl in childhood who is a victim of Racism in the Carlisle Indian school. She is caught in dogma because of the strict regulations imposed on her. In spite of this, she is quite determined/optimistic to fight against the pale face women. She is ethical because she willfully followed her tribe's norms and when they underestimated by the school authorites she protests aganist it. Apart from this, she was observant to notice about the proceeding happening in the breakfast room and also when she is hiding under the bed. Lastly, She is very sensitive because at last, she comments that she is now one among the animals driven by the herders.

Bama is a young girl and is a victim of Indian casteism. She is always curious and pondered about the way in which the tea stall owners poured the tea etc. She is a typical kid who is very observant and gets distracted because of all the fun and entertainment events happening around her. She is also a very proud person because she said that their people work in the fields when the landlords relax in the hedge. She was initially playful but her main inspiration was "annan" her brother who tells her about the mishap in their life because they are born into this community. Lastly, she becomes studious and studies hard to stand first in her class to overcome the discrimination done o the backward class people.
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