Choose and write the correct verb given in brackets then regd your sentences aloud.
1. Mr. and Mrs Singh (own/owns) a restaurant where they (work/works) very hard.
2. One of my classmates (are/is) a Russian. He (fly/flies) to and back from his Country every two months when he (feels/feel) homesick.
3. Bread and butter (are/is) a wholesome nood but we must (has/have) other types of food well.
4. Bilquis with her entire family (have/has) landed up at our house and I (has/have) no food to offer her. 5. One of the passengers (were/was) a qualified doctor and he (was/were) kind enough give medical care to the sick man.
6. The actor and director (is /are) none other than Satyajit Ray.
7. This chocolate muffin (is/are) not so tasty. The ones I made (is /are) much tastier.
8. Mr. and Mrs.Liu (are/is) Chinese, They (run/runs) a hotel which (makes/make) the more delicious Chinese food I (has/have) ever eaten.

Exercise 1
1. own, correct
2. all are correct
3. is, correct
4. all are correct
5. all are correct

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