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Which one of the following was NOT the feature of Napoleonic Code?
(a) Equality before the law (b) Universal Adult Franchise (c) Right to Property (d) Privileges based on birth.

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Napoleon had, no doubt, destroyed democracy in France by becoming a monarch, but in the administrative field, he had included revolutionary principles in order to make the whole system more rational and efficient. This was the Law Code of 1804, also called the Napoleonic Code. It removed all privileges based on birth. It established equality for everyone before the law and secured the right to property.Hence Option B Universal Adult Franchise is correct.


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The Civil Code of 1804 ? usually known as the Napoleonic Code ? did away with all privileges based on birth, established equality before the law and secured the right to property. ... a)Equality?before the lawb)Universal Adult Franchisec)Right to Propertyd)Privileges based on birthCorrect answer is option 'D'.
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Option (d) privileges based on birth
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