choose the correct option

rama took a petridish and added four pinches of sulphur powder and two pinches of iron filings .Then she divided the mixture in two parts and took them in two china dish A and B . She heated the samples of dish B strongly and then moved the magnets on sample A and B .

a) iron particles cling to the magnet in case of A

b) iron compound in case of B clings to the magnet

c) iron particles cling in both cases A and B

d) iron particles dont cling in both cases A and B

d)iron particles dont cling in both cases A and B

This is because after heating the mixture , S and Fe react to form iron suphide which is not magnetic anymore.

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A : because when the iron and sulphur is heated they form a compound and it doesnt show any characteristics of the components, that is why the Iron doesn,t cling to the magnet because the new compound has totally different qualities.

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the ans is (a) .i think so.

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