Clothes of warriors are made from which kind of fibre?

they are made up of muka fibres in new zeland.

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muka fibres in new zeland.

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muka fibres

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muka fibres

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Natural fibres:}

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I am not able to provide you the link because the site is not accepting. Here is the iformation about it. You may get more details if you go to ls. fibres and fabrics- topic natural and synthetic fibres.

In the olden times, warriors used to wear armours that were not made up of fabric. The armours were made up of small pieces of metals joined by thin metal wires. Metals were used because the purpose of the armours was to protect the warriors from weapons such as swords and arrows.

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it is made up of small metal pieces.The upper dress is known as ''armour''
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It is made up of iron
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