cockroach is dioecius.explain.



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Cockroaches are dioecious. Both sexes have well-developed reproductive organs

Male Reproductive System

  • Consists of:

    • A pair of testes; one each on the lateral side of the 4th, 5th and 6th abdominal segments
    • Vas deferens arises from each testis.
    • Vas deferens opens into the ejaculatory duct through the seminal vesicle.
    • Ejaculatory duct opens into the male gonophores.
    • A characteristic accessory reproductive gland (mushroom-shaped) is present in the 6th to 7th abdominal segments.
    • The male gonapophysis represents the external genitalia.
    • Sperms are stored in the seminal vesicles; glued together in bundles called spermatophores and discharged during copulation

Female Reproductive System

  • Consists of:

    • Two large ovaries − formed by a group of 8 ovarioles; contain chains of developing ova
    • Ovary lies laterally in the 2nd to 6th abdominal segments.
    • Oviducts of each ovary unite into a single median oviduct (vagina).
    • Vagina opens into the genital chamber.
    • A pair of spermathecae is present in the 6th segment.
  • Fertilisation

    • Sperms are transferred through spermatophores.
    • Fertilised egg is encased in capsules called oothecae (Dark brown in colour)
    • Female produces 9−10 oothecae with 14−16 eggs.
    • Development is paurometabolous (means passing through nymphal stage). Nymps look like adults and grow up to 13 times by moulting.

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cockroaches are dioecious and both sexes have well developed reproductive oragns. Sperms are transferred through spermatophores. their fertilised eggs are encased in capsules called oothecae. Ootheca is a dark reddish to blackish brown capsule, about 3/8" (8mm) long. They are dropped or glued toa suitable surface, usually ina crack or crevice of high relative humidity near a food source. On an average female produce 9-10 oothecae, each containing 14-16 eggs

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