collect the information,poems and stories about mahadhi sindhia

Mahadaji Shinde  (ca. 1730 – 12 February 1794) also spelled as Mahadji Scindia or Mahadaji Scindia, was a Maratha ruler of the Maratha Empire of the state of Gwalior in central India. He was the fifth and youngest son of Sardar Ranoji Rao Scindia.
Mahadaji was instrumental in resurrecting Maratha power in North India after the Third Battle of Panipat in 1761, and rose to become a trusted lieutenant of the Peshwa, leader of the Maratha Empire. Along with Madhavrao I and Nana Fadnavis, he was one of the three pillars of Maratha Resurrection. During his reign, Gwalior became the leading state in the Maratha Empire and one of the foremost military powers in India. After accompanying Shah Alam II in 1771 to Delhi, he restored the Mughals in Delhi, under the suzerainty of Marathas
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collect the information, poems and stories about mahadhi sindhia
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collect the information,poems and stories about mahadhi sindhia
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