Comment on the following-

(a) Wearing socks and full sleeve shirts at night will prevent the attck of dengue.

(b) Antibiotics are effective against bacteria but do not attack viruses.

1) Wearing socks and full sleeves cover body which prevents mosquito bite. This helps in protecting the body against diseases which are caused by mosquito bites such as dengue, malaria etc.
2) Antibiotics don't work against virus because antibiotic targets the ability of and organism to live and reproduce which in case of virus is not true as they behave differently than bacteria. They reproduce only when they enter a living cell.They are not alive so antibiotic don't act against viruses.

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a) Since dengue spreads through mosquitoe ' s bite covering your body would result in less chances of being bitten by mosquitoes it becomes easier to bite at night for mosquitoes because we re sleeping also dengue vector mosquitoe bite only at night. WE while slleping generally our legs are coverd with blankets hands are vulnerable.

b)Antibiotics stop series of biochemical reactions taking place inside bacteria that complete its lifecycle stop multiplication of bacteria. For viruses there are generally only 3- 5 bio chemical reactions taking place structurte of virus is differnet from bacteria Most antibiotics stop formation of cell wall viruses have no cell wall. so you see antibiotics only meant for bateria. Virus use host cells body to perform its task fron bateria theyhave their own boedy mechanism and anything dangerous to virus will be dangerous to host cell either. HOpe I cleared your concept. Sorry if answered wong.

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