comment on the influence of english - the language and the way of life - on indian life as reflected in the story. what is the narrator's attitude towards english.

In the story, Ranga's Marriage, the English language serves as a form of currency to gain social standing in the village due to its novelty factor. There were not many people who had command over the language and those who did know English,used the language as a means to show off their economic and social superiority over others. English has becomes the language of the masses nowadays but initially, the knowledge of English was considered to be a prized possession and people used to be in awe of those who knew the  language. This fascination with English indicates a colonial hangover,an obsession of the natives to master the language of the British and continuation of  the unequal relationship between the colonizers and the colonized. Usage of English words in common parlance or people studying abroad are hardly a cause for surprise nowadays but the situation was different earlier on. However,the narrator cannot understand this element of awe attached to the language. He seems to reprimand those who put people on a pedestal just because they know a foreign language. It seems gimmicky to him and an extremely pretentious act on the part of the English speakers.

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Your question isn't clear. Please be clear about which chapter are you talkng.

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When the English came to our land, they did not bring the industrialisation alone. They carried with themselves their culture, their religion and their language to our home. We, who had been ruled by the Slaves and the Moguls for centuries were now about to face yet another foreign dominance, which was to leave an impact on us that was to live for ever in the future. The biggest of all influences was the language English. Even after so many years of independence, we Indians are not able to pull ourselves out of this inferiority complex. They ruled our nation once and now even after so many decades, they rule our minds. We consider those inferior who do not know the English language. It is nothing but a language after all, why feel so proud about it when it is not even ours. Yes it is a global language and it is good to know foreign languages, however we must treat a language as language only and not as a status symbol.

This falsehood has been reflected very well in the story. The narrator, Shyama, showed how when Ranga returns from Bangalore, after completing his studies, the way people anticipated his return and the excitement on knowing that Ranga now knew English, “a priceless commodity”. They all wanted to see if there has been any change in Ranga after studying English in Bangalore. However, there was no change or little in Ranga's personality. He even did the traditional namaskar to Shyama by bowing down and touching his feet.

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