Comment on the tone of the poem the photograph.
(Points:- sadness,nostalgic,grief about death and separation, reliving the past,acceptance of the basic facts of the life)

Dear Student

​​​​​​The poem expresses emotions, sentiments, remembrance, and nostalgic feelings. The poem portrays the poet's sadness upon seeing her mother's picture who is no more. Tone of the poem is therefore sad. The poetess through the poem photograph conveys the message of impermanence of life. The poetess wanted to show that change is the only static thing in life. Photograph is not just a positive print recorded by a camera; it is rather the capturing those moments which one will never get back. Time changes all but the photograph remains all the same, in the face of transitoriness and susceptibility. Amidst this entire impermanence, a photograph is set as the supreme embodiment of memories. It states that death and decay are an essential part of life.


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