Comment on the way in which the story is narrated from Satyajit's perspective.

Satyajit has been extremely biased in expressing his opinion in the story. The story could also be presented as a diary entry. The narration seems to be in a continuous tone of justification. Satyajit explains himself at every point of the story - may it be feeling regretful for not giving the forgerer another chance or feeling joyous at being considered to be a God by his hosts. His revelation about failure striking faster than success portrays the completely broken condition of his spirit and soul. He very well seems to interpret the fact that the tempo of failure occurs to a man faster than success. His moments of epiphany to forgive the man who had committed forgery, to consider himself stupid for coming at an occasion where Srinath and his family members expected benediction from him, and to pull Srinath through the crisis of getting his daughter married rather than gifting the house and the fish-pond to his own family.

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