"Communalism is a serious problem in Indian democracy." Justify the statement.

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Communalism is a serious problem in Indian democracy as-
  • India is a multi religious country so the secular interest of one religion are different from other religion and in this situation communal ism raises its head when the interest of different religion are mutually conflicting.All these creates violence riots etc which is not a positive sign for a democracy.
  • Communalism causes violence and tensions among masses .
  • It strikes the root of democracy,secularism and national integration.
  • Communalism is a restrictive and negative response to the process of modern nation building.
Communalism is a biggest threat for Indian democracy.
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Communalism is a serious problem to Indian democracy as :
1. It leads to riots and civil strife between different communities .
2. It was the cause of partition of India and continues to threaten the unity of the country .
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