Compare and contrast the situation faced by zitkala sa and bama


Zitkala Sa was a member of a native American community.She faced considerable racial discrimination while studying in school. She was treated dishonourably at school. She was forced by the white community to discard her traditions and follow the culture and tradition of the white community. She was dragged out forcibly by her school colleagues to shingle out her hair. 

Bama was a girl who belonged to the Tamil Dalit community. She faced caste discrimination in her village. Her community was considered untouchable by the upper caste.

So, both of the girls faced discrimination, exploitation and oppression. However, through the power of education, they transformed their lives. They broke the traditional barriers imposed by society and became successful. Therefore, their path to success was similar in a lot of ways. Both overcame similar challenges. 

However, Zitkala Sa fought for her tradition and culture, whereas Bama revolted against the traditional caste hierarchy that was followed in her village.


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