Compare the following for smell , acidity and colour.

a) Tap Water

b) Pond Water

c) River Water

d) Well Water

e) Lake Water

  smell acidity color
Tap Water Metallic if water system has high mineral concentration and may vary depending upon the type of impurity in it.Like organic matter or may have a smell of disinfactant(chlorine) pH varies from town to town and cities to city(approx 6.5 -7.5) Clear if impurity is absent .
else a color of impurity like minerals make it brownish in color .
Pond Water algae or swampy for small ponds
Fresh water smell /grassy for large ones
pH is close to 7.4 blue/green
River Water fresh water smell 7-7.5 Blue
Well Water Mineral smell/ sometimes contains H2S and thus rotten egg smell 6.5 and above  brown
Lake Water  smell of lake weeds approx 7.1 Green

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