complete this story by julius lester . choose the correct forms of the words given in brackets . 

answer the following questions based on the story you have read .

Brer Rabbit decided gardening was too much hardwork. So he went back to his old ways of eating from everybody else's garden. Earlier, he had made a tour through thecommunity to see what everybody had been planting thatsummer and his eye was caught by Brer Fox's peanut patch.Soon as the peanuts were ready, Brer Rabbit decided to make his acquaintance with them. Every night he ate his fill and even started bringing his family. Brer Fox had a good idea who was eating his peanuts, but he couldn't catch him. Heinspected his fence and finally found a small hole on thenorth side. He tied a rope with a loop knot and put it inside the hole. If anybodystepped in it, the rope would grab his leg and hoist him up inthe air.That night Brer Rabbit came down to the peanut patch. Heclimbed through the hole and WHOOSH! Next thing he knew, he was hanging in the air upside down. There wasn't a thing he could do, so he made himself comfortable to catch alittle sleep!

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