Conclusion on sustainable development

Dear student, We request you to please let us know that are you asking conclusion on sustainable development for any of your project. Here i am providing certain details regarding sustainable development which will help you - Sustainable development refers to that development in which present requirements are met without damaging or causing harm to the environment, so that future generations too can meet their needs without facing adversities. It is a pattern of development which aims at judicious use of resources and preserving resources for future use.  For Example - Roof top solar panels and solar farm uses Solar energy which can reduce 94% of the emissions that coal power plant releases and ,wind turbines uses wind energy for power generation and also solar and wind energy are completely free and is available in limitless supply which can provide more benefit and will save the environment as well.  Need of Sustainable development -  1) To make the people aware and to create sense of responsibility among them.  2) To prevent exploitation of natural resources. 3) To make wise use of means and resources. 4) To do conservation for future generation. Hope it helps. Regards

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sustainable development is longlasting development which helps to meet present needs as well as future needs.
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