Construct a triangle PQR with angle Q = 90 degrees, QR = 6cm, angle R = 60 degrees. Construct angle bisector of angle P. Please give steps of construction and justification. Please do not give links

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1.draw a line segment more than 8cm. (common sense)
2.take 6 cm in compass keep near end point of the line segment and cut an arc. (they have given qr=6) intersecting arcs as A and B and

4.keeping compass on A take any radius and draw a semicircle

5)now keep compass on intersection of semi circle and line
with same radius cut an arc keep compass on other other end and cut an arc

7. keep compass on intersection of arc at semicircle and draw an arc do the same at tje other insection..

8. a X shape will appear join to A
now bisect it you will get 45.join it and extend it to d
(hope u know to bisect;))

do the same on other side

9) there will a point of intersection name it p

10) make perpendicular bisector of PA

11) do the same for PB
extend perpendicular bisector

12) both will intersect line AB name the intersection Q and R respectively

CONGRATS. PQR. is the required triangle
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