Control measure for water pollution



Water pollution can be controlled by:

  • Reducing agricultural run-off
  • Preventing or treating industrial discharges
  • Preventing or treating municipal sanitary sewage discharges
  • Preventing or treating municipal storm water discharges
  • Preventing or controlling resource recovery in river channels
  • Controlling shipping (ballast, swage) discharges in open seas
  • Controlling marina operations in oceans.
  • not discharging untreated sewage and other industrial waste water into water bodies.
  • not dumping solid wastes, garbage and medical wastes in water.
  • not using water sources as open toilets
  • not disposing dead human bodies/animal carcasses in rivers
  • not washing vehicles directly in the flowing water source.

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Every precaution shall be taken to prevent accidental spillage of termiticide. Spillage shall be mopped up with soil or other absorbent materials. The affected soil shall be added to the treated area or kept in plastic bags for disposal at the Ministry's dumping ground.

All safety and environmental requirements in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) shall be complied with. Pest control operator shall brief all his workers of these requirements and ensure they comply with the requirements in the MSDS.

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