Dear expert can you please tell me steps for learning question answers because I read chapter even I have understood but then memorising question answers has become difficult for me so please give me some steps

To memorise , you must not go for the bookish language but you should know the basic story , also you must show some interest in the chapter. This will help you to memorise the story for long period . Secondly you should not learn the answers , if you know the story you should be able to frame the answers by your side .this will boost your confidence while writing the answers. At last you must revise by writing the answers. These all techniques will help you to remember things for long time Hope you like this article Thank you

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You just need to get your notes made and have to learn in by heart so that you become thoroughly prepared for any test in your school and score the highest marks in every subject
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Try memorizing key words...and understand the basics...and write on your own...
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Also make notes...understand the basics thoroughly...
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