Dear expert can you tell me what procedure should i follow while learning a chapter because i get confused that first what to do learn the notes or learn the question bank

Dear student,
First and foremost requirement is to read the chapter thoroughly, and writing down things you find difficult.
Make diagrams, write the formulas etc.
Never go to the question bank straight way.

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1-Always read the characters sketch in the chapter. 2-Always keep in mind the happenings of the story. 3-See the word meanings.
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Dear i know its vry confusing to.learn a chapter but follow these. I always do to learn firt of all read a chapter with great intrest second wriye down the events happening in a series third try to keep that series in mind that kis ke baad mya hua tha phir end mei vo chapter dobara pard lo ques tak pardne ki zroorat nhi pdegi hope my method will help you
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