Dear expert please tell me is this correct or not in a triangle ABC we have X and Y are the mid points of AB and BC  and AX = CY . show that AC = BC
 i have solved it in this way  to prove AC= BC
 AB = AX + CX    and BC = CY + BY   then  as we can see X abd Y are two mid points
then we can write AB = AX +AX    and   BC = CY + CY  we get  AB = 2 AX  and  BC = 2 CY  as we have given AX = CY the AB = BC is this correct or not please please please tell me tomorrow i s my test

Dear student
Your question is not clear and appears to be incomplete. Recheck your question and please be a little specific so that we can provide you with some meaningful help. Looking forward to hear from you again!

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yes it is correct
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