dear experts , i have some questions here 

1.the hormone which when deficient causes cushings syndrome .

2.give two points of difference between cretenism and myxoedema .

3.can there be dna replication without cell division . comment.

4.enumerate the different types of nerve fibres depending on nature and function .

5 . a person has excessive thirst and production of large amount of urine . the doctor did not advice him to stop taking sugar . name the disese and explain what happens in it .

6.difference between glomerular filtration and ultra filtration .

please i need these answers by tomorrow night .its a request .

1. Cushing's syndrome is caused due to prolonged exposure to inappropriately high levels of the hormone cortisol.


It is a congenital deficiency of thyroid hormones and also called congenital hypothyroidism. It occur due to decreased activity of thyroid gland.

Hypothyroidism in adults is called myxoedema It can occur due to decreased as well as increased activity of thyroid gland.


Decreased activity of thryroid gland shown in this disease is more severe and occur after hypothyroidism of cretinism.


In this way, myxoedema can be considered the adult counterpart of cretinism.


It causes stunted physical and mental growth



It causes cutaneous and dermal swelling due to accumulation of fluid



3. Usually cell division occur after DNA replication. But in case of multinucleate cells such as of coenocytic/aseptate fungi, complete cell division does not occur after replication of DNA/chromosomes resulting into multinucleate condition.



Try to find the answers of rest of the questions by yourself.

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