Dear experts,

I need help for a few questions for my maths project on graphs:

1. What is a graph?

2. Types of graphs - Bar graph, line graph, linear graph, pie graph, histogram

3. Use of graphs in day to day life.

4. Applications of graphs - Banks, Hospitals, Sports, Industries.

Also please let me know where I can get pictures for the above topics.

Thank you.


Graphs are a pictorila representation of numerical data for eample the performance of students in a class.

It can be used to depict various kinds of information for example the performance of a company or mathematical data relating to any field.

bar graphs,line graphs,histograms and pie charts are just different varieties of graphs. Not in theory or academically but just simply in the pictorial representation. For example, in a bar graph data is shown as different bars whereas in a line graph data is shown as a line and in a pie chart or pie graph data is shown as various sections of a horizontal circle.


Graphs are very useful to represent data in various activities erelating to day to day and professional life. You can find various forms of graphs related to the topics you mentioned easily onlinr if you simply google them or use any search engine. You can also find more detailed data online if you want that or revert to us.

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