Dear experts, Kindly answer the followoing questions with explanations.

Dear experts, Kindly answer the followoing questions with explanations. the mood the verb the given sentence. book at page 12. Mood Mood 23, Identify the parts of speech for the word underlined in the given sentence, W) pronoun Anirban himsr'f is responsible forthe Renoive pronoun (B) Relative (C) Emphatic pronoun (D) Distributive pronoun (E) None Of these Direction: For Q 31•32: Give the of the 31. NEPOTISM Noun [C) Advcrh Adjective None Of t Q 24.23: five the antonym of words (A) Corruption Inefficiency None ot these INANITION (A) Silliness {C) Passivity (B) Favouritism Carelesv• Strictness 24. ENFRANCHISE 'C) Svbjusate Sugprgss Lberate 33. 34. 35. None of these Give the parts ot speech for the word undernret in the sentence below. She has to complete the project in a 25. OBLITERATE Lacerate (A) Exculpate Forge None of thcse 26. In which of the following sentences a wrong cmjunction has been used? ( A1 God wade the men the town , (BY Two make 'aur_ IC) Our is litt'e, our hearts are great. She must weep, or she wit' die- (E) Nme of these Direction; For Q27-28: 'n the bhnks with approprjo(e 27. The noise from downstairs prevented me (A) Noun (Cl Infinitive (8) Adjective (O) InterE•cti0' (E) None Of these Find the Of the To f/oq G deod horse To revive Old memories (3) To act in a foolish way (C) To revive interest in an Old subject 10) To waste one's efforts None Of these judge the right "'ord. Marie Curie wos excjted when she knew was on the Of a new discovery. sleeping. IA) to (C) Off (B) form (D) of (El None of these 28. Camels are peculiarly adapted IA) to (C) for (E) None of these life in desert. outskirts (C) threshold 36. Find the Odd One o ut. Was (C) Did (8) frontier (D) gateway (B) had (D) would 29. Find the word Which has been mis-spelt. (Aj Itching Irrigate (B) interview (D) Interupt (E) None of these 30. Identify the form of pronoun of the word underlined in the given sentence. (E) None of these Direction: For Q 36-37: Give one word the lowing. 37. Ridiculous use of words (A) Onomatopoeia (B) (D) pun (C) Neologism (E) None Of these

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22. Imperative mood - There is a command to 'open' and therefore, it is imperative mood.
23. Adverb - It is used to emphasise a number that is smaller than expected.
24. Subjugate - Enfranchise means to free whereas subjugate means to bring under control
25. Forge - forge is to make or create something while obliterate means to wipe out
26. None of these
27. from (the answer typed 'form' seems to be a spelling mistake)
28. to
29. Interrupt - There should be two 'r' in the word interrupt
30. Reflexive pronoun - It refers to the person who is the subject.
31. Favouritism - as nepotism also means 'discrimination'
32. Emptiness - both mean vacant and empty

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30. (C) emphatic pronoun
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