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1.why is oogenesis considered as a discontinous and wasteful process? ejaculation and insemination the same ?

3.what is monospermy? implantation takes place ?

Question 1

Oogenesis refers to the process of formation, development and the maturation of an ovum. This formation of ovum is a result of many hormonal and various other changes in the female body. If this mature ovum is fertilized by a sperm, it leads to the production of a new organism but as this ovum is not fertilized by a sperm every time, it is of no use in the female body and as result discharged out of the body of the female during the menstrual cycle. Thus, oogenesis is considered a discontinuous and wasteful process.

Question 2

No, ejaculation and insemination are not same.

Ejaculation refers to the ejection or discharge of semen from the male reproductive part at the time of orgasm while insemination refers to the injection of the semen into the female reproductive tract.

Question 3

Monospermy may be defined as the fertilization of an ovum by the entrance of a single spematozoan into the oocyte.

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